4 Warning Signs Your Competitors are Getting the Better of You

Warning Signs

Competition is the very essence of the business world. And while this might be advantageous for customers while choosing a company that serves them well but the task is tedious for entrepreneurs as excelling in a profession like business is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Of course, as data suggests most enterprises are likely to fail in their initial 18 months. One big reason for enterprises failing is the kind of competition they face in the market. The market welcomes thousands of entrants every year and is a witness to cut-throat competition, with several outdated or less efficient enterprises being wiped out.

And for those who survive, a harsh rivalry exists.

So it becomes extremely important to keep a check on the potential rivals while frequently updating oneself. Look out for the following sign are going to help you and keep you well informed about when it seems like the rival is getting better gains.

Social Media Presence

Social media has recently gained much weight in the field of business, with every enterprise looking forward to promotional campaigns through social media. Followers and positive/negative feedback are important indicators of one’s presence and position in the competitive landscape. When one enterprise is better recognised for the kind of posts it makes and products it promotes, it is time that rivals should pull up their socks and get into action.

Recognition of the Brand

Your brand is what people will remember your product for so it is apparent that you should always come up with something that is unique and always remember to register it as a trademark. Trademark Registration is what going to help you in future. If you see that a similar tradename has been obtained, you can either raise an opposition proceeding or simply file trademark infringement suit against your competitor.


Statistics indicating the ranking of companies are released now and then and it is fairly simple to get one’s hands on such data. Seeing one’s rival topping the list is one big problem that one should start worrying about. What makes it even worse, is the absence of one’s enterprise’s name in the list, indicating that some serious matters need attention and extra work.

Google Ranking

Digital marketing is yet another powerful method to get leads and turn them into potential customers. However, what if one’s website appears below the other website of an enterprise which operates in the same niche? The chances are that the one appearing above or at least on the first page itself will steal the show, leaving behind the ones who lag behind in SEO ranking and the quality of content.

Fewer sales and customers

At the end of the day, what actually matters in the business world is the revenue that one makes after all the hard work that goes into promotion and selling. Customers are clear descriptors of whether one’s enterprise is gaining recognition and more importantly revenue. The less the customers, the less likely that one will make money. And even if one does get revenue, without actually giving much attention to customer loyalty, is something that is not hard to imagine-little to no revenue. Despite delivering excellent service to customers, sometimes enterprises end up getting fewer customers, which can easily be traced to the better methods of rivals and a good investment in customer management programmes.


Stalking every newcomer in the niche that one works in is near to impossible as the competitive nature of the profession still gives a chance to every enterprise to at least enter and try their luck. And when tracking the new enterprises is a tough job, it is even harder to calculate the number of customers they draw towards or will be drawing the long run, thereby making things more difficult for the less efficient as well as the updated ones. Hence, the only way one can survive is by taking advantage of situations that actually call for a showdown. As one cannot stop new enterprises to enter the market, delivering the best to one’s potential and focusing on long-term customer ties, can work a thousand times better than just merely stalking the differences between rivals and oneself. The kind of service provided actually helps enterprises gain much better results than just using similar tactics used by potential competitors. And obviously going ahead with something that actually surprises clients and keeps one ahead of others, is something which lets one’s enterprise be in the limelight and secure more clients.

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